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Flyers Stanley Cup Champions Parade From The '70s

Saturday, March 28, 2009

OK Tim...Maybe The Flyers Loss Was OK...

...but the 76ers losing to the Bobcats 100-95 in the Wach is inexcusable. 

Even though Charlotte, at eight games under .500, is fighting for that last playoff spot in the East, the Sixers are fighting for their position too. And I know Larry Brown coaches Charlotte and he is probably one of the best coaches (especially with young, up and coming teams in the NBA) in the league. But, you just don't lose to teams like this if you expect to be a contender in the East. You just don't.

I'm not saying the Sixers are contenders, but they should be the ones giving the contenders of Cleveland, Boston and Orlando fits. 

I'm not bailing on the Flyers and Sixers because I just don't do that. I will watch them in the playoffs and root for them like a maniac. But, how many more days until Opening Night for the Phillies? Seriously. At least I know they want another World F*****' Championship!

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