Picture Of The Day

Picture Of The Day
Flyers Stanley Cup Champions Parade From The '70s

Monday, March 2, 2009

Same Scenario, Different Day...and You Know The Eagles Signed Stacy Andrews...right?

The game that counted today went to crap and the game the didn't count left me smiling. 

It seems as though after starting slow in Grapefruit League play, the defending Champs (Knock on Wood) are starting to pick it up (Knock on some Wood again).

As far as the Suxers...I mean Sixers go, only the Andre's and Thaddeus Young scored in double figures for the boys in black and white tonight. Absolutely pathetic. 

Oh yeah...and one last note, I know this has been Brian Dawkins leaving depression time, but the Eagles did sign offensive lineman Stacy Andrews, brother of Shawn Andrews, to a deal. Hopefully this can help "The Big Kid" get over his back problems/depression/whatever the hell else kept him sidelined for most of last season. 

See how much we love and miss you Dawk? We can't even find the time to mention the most miniscule and unimportant (well losing Buck is bad) news. 

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