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Picture Of The Day
Flyers Stanley Cup Champions Parade From The '70s

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Games That Count and Don't

In a game that doesn't count, the Phillies defeated the Braves today on the road (technically everyone is on the road) 7-3. 

Brett Myers let a couple runs go, but he did OK in three innings of work. Chan Ho Park got the win and did a little better than Myers in his three innings of work. 

As far as the hitting goes, the team in general came alive today, getting 11 hits, driving in six runs and striking out only twice.

and but is the key word, in the game that did count today, the Flyers got shut out in Jersey 3-0 and made no progress on the Atlantic Division leading Devils

This is disheartening. When does baseball season officially start?

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