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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Well...That Went Well...

The Flyers got EMBARRASSED in Peter Laviolett'es coaching debut with the team tonight 8-2 AT HOME against the Ovechkin-LESS Capitals. Helloooooo! I mean I understand that maybe a new philosophy would cause some confusion in the first game, but not an annihilation.

Ray Emery gave up 5 goals and was pulled halfway through the second period. In Brian Boucher's first four minutes, he gave up two goals.I always say this and I will continue to say this–you can have all the talent in the world and your coach could be Scotty Bowman, but GOALTENDING wins hockey games. The Flyers haven't had solid goal tending since the Ron Hextal days of the late-80s.

Now, the game was tied 1-1 with a little over five minutes to go in the first period. That's when Philadelphia's Favorite Idiot, Dan Carcillo, decided to get in a tustle with Matt Bradley.

The Caps right winger gave Carcillo a non-called cheap shot high stick against the boards and then Carcillo instigated a fight. Both dropped their gloves and immediately after Bradley dropped his, Carcillo laid him out with one easy punch, thus giving him a two-minute penalty for cross checking, two for instigation, five for roughing, a 10-minute misconduct and a game misconduct.

Bradley got bup-kiss because the officials concluded that he never threw a punch. However, that could be argued. Just take a look at the video, courtesy of YouTube, below.

The nine-minute power play led to three goals for Washington. Many will probably blame this blowout on the questionable call by the ref to not give Bradley any minutes.

Let me make this clear, anyone who feels that way should think twice about their opinion. The Flyers penalty kill has been one of the best in the league all season. Regardless of whether Bradley should have gotten any minutes or Carcillo less, that doesn't mean that letting in goals in not condonable. I'm sure if it was only one goal instead of three, people wouldn't feel that way.

The fact is, after it was 4-1, it later became 7-1. So, the Flyers quit. I guess that lifeless style of play that John Stevens instilled in the team carried over to the new guy.

And one more note before this post concludes–DAN CARCILLO IS DUMBER THAN JESSICA SIMPSON. Just laying that out there.

At some point, shouldn't he realize that there is a fine line between being a goon and still playing hockey. I understand that the Flyers had cap issues last season. I understand that part of what I'm about to say is the Scottie Upshall fan in me, but receiving him and a third round pick for Upshall last season was a total bust a waste.

Carcillo has done NOTHING for this team. The fight against Talbot last year in the playoffs led to the Penguins making that miraculous comeback and he contributes nothing to the hockey part on the ice. Homer–GET RID OF HIM NOW!

Oh and by the way, Laviollete has a no fighting rule. It will be interesting to see how he handles one of the stupidest players in Philadelphia sports history.

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