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Picture Of The Day
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Monday, December 14, 2009

How Good Are The Philadelphia Eagles?

AWESOME chest bumps between big and small people, as well as long yardage plays aside, last night's 45-38 gridiron slug fest with the Giants was surely entertaining.

However, the important question to take note of is how good is the Philadelphia Eagles team...really.

This big play offense and all of these weapons are great and as Eagles fans, we've been crying for these pieces for years. YEARS! But, when we were crying for them, the team's defense was sensational.

I'm not looking at the numbers. I don't even care what the numbers are because they're unimportant to me. What I'm looking at is the makeup of this defense, the way they play, and how stupid they can be sometimes.

The Linebackers-They can't cover a soul. Jeremiah Trotter is a tremendous run stopper and that's where he shines. Not to mention, he is a phenomenal leader and is key to this team's sucess. But in the passing game...big problems. Will Witherspoon and Chris Gocong are average linebackers. They are really missing the talents of a Stewart Bradley.

The Secondary-Big play offense...big play secondary. Sheldon Brown is OK in pass coverage, but he gets beat a lot on double moves. Asante Samuel, as a buddy of mine texted me last night, can't cover a turtle. All he gets are interceptions. Quinten Mikkel, while he's been solid since becoming a starter a couple of years ago, played AWFUL last night. He got way too many penalties and he couldn't tackle anyone.

That seems to be a recurring problem with everyone on the defense-tackling. No one of the Eagles D is tackling anybody and if this continues, it will bite them in the big games.

The Eagles have a chance to make a run this year, especially with their talented offense. But if they can't play any defense, teams like New Orleans and Minnesota in road playoff games for the Eagles will be able to control the tempo and clock down the stretches of the fourth quarter.

Defense wins games, defense wins championships. Will the Eagles?

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