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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Decade In Philadelphia Sports Part 7: 2005

With Terrell Owens out and the starters having a three week break basically because of everything being locked up, no one really knew how the playoffs were going to go for this Eagles team.

In the Divisional Round though against the Minnesota Vikings, the Birds beat them with ease 27-14. Now, it was on to the big game. Would the Eagles get over the big hump, or would they be the Buffalo Bills of the NFC? That was the big question. Here is the answer.

The 27-10 win over Michael Vick and the Atlanta Falcons sent the Eagles to Super Bowl XXXIV against the two-time Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots.

Owens made a quick recovery and returned to play. Albeit still injured, he played masterfully, a legendary performance. This is how the game transpired.

The crushing 24-21 loss to New England was hard to take, but in the end, a lot of promise for future success was in store for this team. With Owens on our side, what could go wrong? A matter of time would tell.

FLYERS: Lockout...No Hockey

The title speaks for itself. But hey, the Phantoms won the Calder Cup! That's something to be positive about.

76ERS: C-Webb the Answer for "The Answer?" No.

With Jim O'Brien as the head coach, the 76ers did improve off of their dreadful 2004 season. They drafted Andre Iguodala with their first round lottery pick and traded for All-Star Chris Webber at the trade deadline. The Sixers were supposed to be one of the teams to beat basically in the Eastern Conference. That was not the case though.

The Sixers finished 43-39 and seventh in the East standings and although Allen Iverson won the All-Star Game MVP for the second time in his career, that didn't mean the magic of 2001 would equate in 2005.

Webber was not as good as people suspected. He was getting old and battling injury. Basically, he wasn't the player he used to be.

The Sixers fell to the eventual Eastern Conference Champion Detroit Pistons in the first round 4-1. Jim O'Brien was fired at the end of the season and former Sixers guard and team legend Maurice Cheeks was brought in. Would this help their fortunes?


The now Charlie Manuel led Phillies once again had high expectations of going to the postseason, whether it be by the division or Wild Card. With Jim Thome going down with a long term injury, that prompted the bringing up again of Ryan Howard. Well, "The Big Man" shined, hitting .288 with 22 homeruns and 63 RBIs in only 88 games. His numbers led to him winning the NL Rookie of the Year Award.

Also, Bobby Abreu had himself a pretty nice season, as he won the Home Run Derby, setting a contest record with 41 total home runs.

Not only that, but the team was better than the year before, going 88-74. However, they finished two games behind the Braves in the division and only one behind the eventual NL Champion Houston Astros in the Wild Card. On the last day of the regular season, the Phillies did their part to force and one game playoff at Citizens Bank Park by beating the Washington Nationals, however, the Astros won their game to clinch the Wild Card not too long after. It was a heartbreaking way to end the season.

After the campaign, general manager Ed Wade was fired due to eight years of no postseason play. Pat Gillick was brought in and with Howard's sensational play, the Phils dealt Thome and Gavin Floyd to the Chicago White Sox for a deal that included hard-nosed center fielder Aaron Rowand.

EAGLES: "Next Question..."

Prior to the 2005 season, T.O. started brewing up big controversy as he was so appropriately known for. Making comments that were negative towards QB Donovan McNabb and demanding a new contract from the Eagles, Owens held out of training camp for a good amount of time, then was dismissed early for poor behavior.

This led to an infamous press conference at his house with his agent Drew Rosenhaus and a public workout in his front lawn that attracted tons of media.

Owens eventually returned to the team, despite the fact him and McNabb did not get along, and the Eagles started off the season on a good note with a 4-2 record. However, Owens continued to cause problems and after Week 8 with the team at 4-3, he was indefinitely let go. In seven games, Owens had six touchdown receptions and 763 receiving yards.

Key players such as McNabb and Brian Westbrook were eventually lost for the season and the Birds finished a disappointing 6-10, missing the postseason for only the second time in Andy Reid and McNabb's time in Philly.

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