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Picture Of The Day
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Friday, May 8, 2009

Phirst 6 Games In May For The Phils

Here are the results for the first six games for the Phils in May:

-May 1: 7-4 Loss vs. Mets
-May 2: 6-5 10th Inning Walk-Off Win Due To Walk vs. Mets
-May 3: Postponed vs. Mets
-May 4: 6-1 Win @ Cardinals
-May 5: 10-7 Win @ Cardinals
-May 6: 1-0 Loss @ Mets
-May 7: 7-5 Loss @ Mets

A key issue in the Phillies play so far this season is the starting rotation. They are having a little trouble getting good outings in. There is some discussion that J.A. Happ should move to the rotation. But, what really needs to happen is Cole Hamels has to step it up. It is not that he is pitching poorly because he is not. He's had some bad breaks in terms of freak injuries, but he is the ace of this staff. The ace is supposed to be the leader. But to solve this problem, Big H can't speak it, he has to pitch it. I honestly feel a good eight/maybe even nine inning outing by Hamels tonight can send a message to the starting rotation that it is time to turn it around. I think they can get it done.

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