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Friday, May 8, 2009

Oh My Word Was That Game 6 For The 76ers UGLY

Yeah...I know it was over a week ago. But, the 114-89 non-spirited loss to the Magic in Game 6 at home WITHOUT facing Dwight Howard or Courtney Lee is definitely a overshadowing cloud on a pretty good series.

I'm not going to analyze this game. It was ugly. But, what I am going to talk about it what this team and general manager Ed Stefanski can do to make it better.

TALK to Doug Collins and see if this can work: I didn't say GET Dough Collins. I'm not going to knock Tony DiLeo. Even though Theo Ratliff thought he was too "soft," he did do a good job after Maurice Cheeks was fired. But, Stefanski has to talked to the experienced and former 76er Collins to see if it is going to work. If Collins looks promising, I think it would be a pretty good pick up for a coach. But, I like what DiLeo did and if he is the one who coaches the team next year, I feel good about what this team can do with him coaching for 82 games.

Andre Igoudala has to develop a jump shot: And the economy has to get better. Same story, different day. Blah blah blah blah blah. I'm tired of talking about Iguodala's shooting dificiency. If he wants to help this team out, rather than voicing his opinion with Stefanski and calling his teammates out towards the press, he should get in a gym and work on that shot.

The 76ers Need A 3-Point Shooter: Same thing...blah blah blah blah.

The 76ers Need A BIG Non-Awkward Post Man: Samuel Dalambert has to go. I know Larry Brown was and is a great coach, but that was his draft pick. Gettin Slamin On Sammy D has to take a hike. He has no offensive game, he is as thin as hay and as awkward moving as a man on stilts. The Sixers need a big, overpowering figure (like a Dwight Howard). I'm not saying there is anyone out there like Howard, but I will sure take "The Polish Hammer" a.k.a. Marcin Gortat than Samuel Dalembert. Oh yeah... a couple of defensive rebounds would be nice too.

The 76ers Need A Lockdown Defender: This is one you probably haven't heard before, but the 76ers are awful perimeter defenders. They give up so many threes. Having a guy out there who is a tremendous defender could help.

Well, those are my thoughts on the 76ers. They need to get these things done to get over that hump of Game 6 of the first round. Oh, one last thing. Did anyone notice that in terms of wins and losses, last year's series against the Pistons went the same exact way and almost the same way in terms of how the games were played. Is that disturbing or what.

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