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Sunday, January 3, 2010

There Is One Positive To Take From This Game...Believe It Or Not

Think about it.

After getting annihilated by a division opponent for so much at stake, how many times has the team on the losing end had the opportunity to redeem themselves against the same exact foe the next week?

I can't think of any. If there has been situations like this before, they're definitely one of the few.
It is very difficult for any team to beat another squad three times in a season, let alone back to back weeks. There is no reason the Eagles shouldn't be able to rebound after this disheartening defeat.

Putting next week aside for a second and recapping what we just watched, this was a game that the Eagles got beat in every single facet-from the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. Even the special teams were not as good as the Cowboys.

This 24-0 loss hurts. It stinks. It leaves a sour taste in your mouth. While minuscule, being able to call yourself the NFC East Champions means something. The fact that the Dallas Cowboys get to call themselves that is disturbing. But hey, just as Troy Aikman said on the Fox broadcast today, if the Eagles win next week, all that is for nothing.

You get a second chance next week Eagles. This time, please come ready to play.

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