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Picture Of The Day
Flyers Stanley Cup Champions Parade From The '70s

Friday, January 1, 2010

The Decade In Philadelphia Sports Part 12: SOUTH BROAD ST 2000-2009 ALL-DECADE AWARDS

This is the final part of our coverage of the past decade in Philadelphia sports. It's been an exciting 10 years. The fortunes of our teams definitely turned around as the decade came to a close. We had our favorite teams, not so favorite teams, favorite athletes, not so favorite athletes and the same for every category out there. We watched winners and we watched losers. We rooted for our heroes and booed those who we couldn't stand. We cheered and cried at the most thrilling moments and cursed at the most disheartening. We lost several beloved sports figures and welcomed new ones that will hopefully be here for years to come. In the end, the following people/moments were voted the best of the first decade of the new millennium in Philadelphia sports.

Team of the Decade
2008 Phillies

Sportsman of the Decade
Chase Utley

Coach of the Decade
Charlie Manuel

Executive of the Decade
Pat Gillick

Unsung Hero of the Decade
David Akers

Eagle of the Decade
Brian Dawkins

Flyer of the Decade
Simon Gagne

Phillie of the Decade
Chase Utley

76er of the Decade
Allen Iverson

Eagles Game of the Decade
January 11, 2004-NFC Divisional Game vs. Green Bay Packers
"4th and 26 Game"
Eagles Won 20-17 in Overtime

Flyers Game of the Decade
May 20, 2004-Eastern Conference Finals Game 6 vs. Tampa Bay Lightning
Flyers Won 5-4 in Overtime

Phillies Game of the Decade
October 27/29, 2008-World Series Game 5 vs. Tampa Bay Rays
Phillies Won 4-3

76ers Game of the Decade
June 6, 2001-NBA Finals Game 1 @ Los Angeles Lakers
76ers Won 107-101 in Overtime

Eagles Moment of the Decade
January 11, 2004-NFC Divisional Game vs. Green Bay Packers-"4th and 26"

Flyers Moment of the Decade
May 4, 2000-Eastern Conference Semi-Finals Game 4 @ Pittsburgh Penguins-Keith Primeau Goal in 5th OT

Phillies Moment of the Decade
October 29, 2008-Resumption of World Series Game 5 vs. Tampa Bay Rays-Brad Lidge K's Eric Hinske to be Crowned World Champions

76ers Moment of the Decade
June 6, 2001-NBA Finals Game 1 @ Los Angeles Lakers-Allen Iverson Steps Over Tyrone Lue After a Big Shot in Overtime

Best Individual Season/Performance of the Decade
Brad Lidge 48 for 48 in Save Opportunities in 2008

Quote of the Decade
Harry Kalas's World Series Winning Call in 2008

Broadcaster of the Decade
Harry Kalas

Venue of the Decade
Citizens Bank Park

PA Announcer of the Decade
Dan Baker

Mascot of the Decade
The Phillie Phanatic
To close out our decade in review series, one of our posters, Michael Stubel, has some questions regarding what will happen in the next 10 years of Philadelphia sports. Whatever happens, like the past 10, it should be fun.

Questions for the future:

For the 76ers: Where is the reliable foundation? Are Holiday, Iguodala, Speights, and Young starters for the future? Who will be the next free-agent pickup? This team needs a dominant player.

For the Eagles: Can the young talent push this team over the top? Is McNabb his generation's Jim Kelly or John Elway? Who is McNabb's heir?

For the Flyers: Who will be the rock in goal for a team in need of a consistent stopper? Are Jeff Carter and Mike Richards dependable leaders and scorers going forward?

For the Phillies: Will they capitalize on their World Series-caliber roster with more championships in the coming years? Is it possible to hold onto Hamels, Howard, Utley, and Victorino?

Here is to hoping that we add more championship trophies in the next decade.

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